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When a jury returns a verdict of guilty, or a judge finds a party guilty of a criminal offense, there exists a right to file an appeal. An appeal can also be taken when an unlawful sentence has been imposed.

An appeal must be filed on a timely basis. It must also be filed properly. Many appeals have been lost simply because the Defendant has failed to meet the deadline, or to file the appropriate documents, notices, briefs, transcripts or papers on a timely basis. Appellate courts are very sophisticated judicial forums, and it is prudent to handle an appeal only with skilled legal representation.

There a many different possible grounds for appealing a criminal conviction. Every case is different, of course, and the law varies from place to place, and from crime to crime. Some of the more common grounds for appeal are:

  • The trial judge made a serious error of law;
  • The weight of the evidence did not support the verdict;
  • Ineffective assistance of counsel;
  • Improper admission of evidence;
  • Improper exclusion of evidence;
  • Improper instructions to the jury;
  • Misconduct by one or more members of the jury;
  • Misconduct by the prosecutor;
  • Unlawfully excessive sentence

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