Florida Today

‘Gray Divorce’ Affects Millennials as Parents Split
By Jessica Saggio

Florida Today

It used to be that the longer a marriage lasted, the less likely it was to fail. But in true Baby Boomer fashion, the generation now well into their 50s has never been one for the status quo.
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Ohio Gas & Oil

Lawyer Authors Book on Hydraulic Fracturing Law

Ohio Gas & Oil

Mark S. Guralnick has authored a book on the leading energy and environmental issue of the 21st Century. Fracking Law and Policy, just released by Wolters Kluwer, is a comprehensive law book on the controversial subject of hydraulic fracturing.
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7 Ways Attorneys Work With Private Investigators
By Casey Clark-Ney

Just as law firms have specializations, private investigators do as well. The primary difference is that some focus more on the research and digital side of the house, whereas others specialize in tracking and surveillance. For each type of lawyer, there is a comparable private investigator who can support their work — from finding someone who is dodging papers being served, to catching a cheating spouse in the act, to confirming if an insurance claim is truly valid.
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Legal Experts Share Tips on How to Pick a Family Law Attorney for your Divorce
By Elliot Volkman

Finding a good lawyer is obviously vital in producing a favorable outcome to your divorce. The problem is how do you find an attorney that is right for you – especially if you have never had a need for one in the past? According to New Jersey-based family law attorney Mark S. Guralnick, family law attorneys are fired more often than any other type of lawyer.
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High Desert Advocate/Coyote TV

P. Coca Goes Long In Attorney Search
By Howard Copelan

High Desert Advocate/Coyote TV

Accused Wells cop shooter Peter Mark Coca has evidently gone long for a lawyer and retained New Jersey legal eagle Mark Guralnick to defend him against 13 separate counts of attempted murder and assault on police officers.
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The Philadelphia Inquirer The Date To Consider A World Defined By 9
By Mark S. Guralnick, for the Inquirer
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The Rough, Lonely Road To Become A Ph.d. Follow In The Footsteps Of One Candidate From Start To Thesis.
By Howard Goodman, Inquirer Staff Writer
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