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Parents and caregivers are often falsely charged with child neglect, but this is not intended to suggest that child neglect is not a serious problem when it actually occurs. Child neglect can be committed in various forms:  physical, emotional, supervisory, educational, nutritional, medical, narcotic, and environmental neglect.

Among the various indicators of neglect are:

  • When a child is undernourished and is repeatedly hungry for extended periods of time;
  • When a child lacks appropriate clothing, especially in bad weather;
  • When a child lacks appropriate hygiene, is unbathed or has poor dental care;
  • When a young child is left unattended in a car;
  • When an adult drives intoxicated with a child or drives with an infant child without a car seat;
  • When a parent fails to get a child necessary medical treatment on a timely basis;
  • When a parent leaves an under-age child alone at home without supervision;
  • When a child is exposed to poisons, electrical dangers and other safety hazards;
  • When a child is exposed to guns, knives and other weapons;
  • When a child is exposed to unsanitary household conditions;
  • When an asthmatic or otherwise sick child is exposed to second-hand smoke;
  • When a child is exposed to drug or alcohol abuse;
  • When a parent abandons a child at a caregiver’s home, or fails to pick up a child for days at a time;
  • When a parent fails to offer nurturing or affection;
  • When a child is exposed to domestic violence or spousal abuse;
  • When a child is forced to live in an isolated environment, unable to interact with others outside the home;
  • When a child becomes chronically truant from school;
  • When a parent is inattentive to the child’s special education needs;
  • When newborn children are born addicted or exposed to drugs;

As a society, we are extremely protective of our children, and rightly so. Therefore, when any unfortunate circumstance befalls a child, or maladaptive behavior is demonstrated by a child, the authorities are often very quick to blame a parent or a caregiver.

In truth, there may be no child neglect whatsoever. However, unless immediate defensive action is taken to fight the child neglect charges, a parent or caregiver suspect of child neglect will quickly find himself or herself embroiled in the quicksand of the child-protective system.

We Will Help You Get Your Children Back

At the Law Offices of Mark S. Guralnick, we go to work immediately to ferret out the actual facts of each case. We will use our skills as both attorneys and private investigators to defend your case.

Our law firm will help you to regain custody of your child or children. We will assist you in challenging a finding of neglect or abuse made against you. We will fight to prevent the termination of your parental rights.

For example, a case worker may believe that a child is behaving irrationally because of neglect, but a further investigation may reveal that the child is suffering from clinical depression or other mental disorder, with no evidence of any child neglect. An agency report may blame a parent for failure to supervise a child, and may characterize the child as appearing detached, fearful and indifferent; yet, a further investigation may reveal that the child suffers from a learning disability with no compelling evidence of any real lack of supervision.

When we represent you, we will confer with the prosecuting agency on your behalf; we will speak directly with the child protective case workers on your behalf. We will act to prevent your name from being added to the Central Registry of those parents found guilty of abuse or neglect.

The Law Offices of Mark S. Guralnick is ready, willing and able to assist with the defense of child neglect cases. If you or someone you know has been named in such a case, please contact Mark S. Guralnick at 1-866-337-2900 for a free case evaluation.

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