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Do you need a New Jersey legal malpractice attorney? Look no further. For more than 30 years, Mark S. Guralnick and his legal team have helped clients throughout the United States and across the world by applying unyielding dedication and hard work to each case.

Our firm has significant experience in not only legal malpractice, but also family law, criminal law, personal injury, medical malpractice, employment law, elder law, and international law. We persistently pursue every lead, fact, and possible opportunity to serve our client’s needs. We are not sidetracked by intimidating opponents or tough judges.

Our firm assists clients in a wide variety of legal challenges.

The Law Offices of Mark S. Guralnick applies a winning combination of creativity, legal knowledge, and personal passion to every case. Your goals are our priority. When we take your case, our goal is to guide you through your legal matter until you succeed in reaching your legal objectives. We are steadfast professionals ready to help protect your rights. Learn more about how we can assist you in the following areas:

Legal Malpractice

Family Law

Personal Injury Law

Criminal Defense

Medical Malpractice

Employment Law

Life Insurance

International Law

Mark S. Guralnick, Esq.

What sets us apart from other law firms is our credentials and our approach to achieving success for our clients. Mark S. Guralnick, the firm’s principal attorney, holds licenses to practice law in nine states and in four foreign countries. He is licensed as a private investigator. He is board certified in multiple legal specialties (family law, civil trial law, international law, malpractice law). He holds eight college degrees. He has authored numerous law books. In fact, he previously worked as a news reporter, where he garnered a number of publishing awards for his investigative skills.

Mark's extensive background makes him an ideal choice when looking for legal representation. Contact our firm today to speak with Mark and receive your No-Fee Initial Consultation.

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Mark S Guralnick
8 College
6 Specialty
9 Bar
10 Law
8 Professional
30+ Years of
100+ Published

Hear What Our Clients Are Saying

Mark put on his suit of armor! He transformed, like some kind of superhero, into a courtroom commando. He took control of the witness stand, the evidence, the works.- Amy Carney

Mark’s ability to distill the most nuanced and abstract of concepts into their fundamental elements makes him an excellent and creative problem solver and when these talents are combined with his quick wit and natural oratorical skills, it also makes him one of the most effective communicators around. However, it is his capacity to simultaneously formulate a plan from this analytical and creative process and translate it into action which…- Maxwell Federbush

Mark comes with an impressive resume, confirming both the breadth and depth of his experience in academic, legal and business practice. We studied together on the Columbia/London Business School EMBA-Global programme where he frequently came top of his class. He has forensic problem solving skills matched with a highly developed capacity for effective communication. I am pleased to recommend Mark.- Quentin D. Sandifer

Mark S. Guralnick is a true professional who puts his clients first at all times. He resembles a legal chess master who takes you through whatever legal process you are involved with, explaining each step along the way and offering his experienced advise as to which course to take. I give him my highest professional and personal recommendation.- Fran Zimniuch

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    Licensed as a private detective, Mark Guralnick is a former investigative news reporter, and leverages these skills and experiences to deliver excellent client service while finding smart, practical, cost-effective solutions.

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