You’re in trouble if you don’t know your child’s favorite color, favorite song, and favorite ice cream flavor

Posted November 25th, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.

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It may sound trivial, but you should interview your children to find out their personal preferences – about everything. What’s their favorite color? Their lucky number? Their favorite television show? Musical performer? Their favorite article of clothing? Their favorite car?

If you don’t know the answers to these kinds of questions, you’re vulnerable to attack on the witness stand when the other lawyer cross-examines you. Imagine arguing to the judge that you should have custody of the children – or that your visitation rights should be expanded – because of the deep bond between you and the children. Then, on the witness stand, you cannot identify the children’s favorite colors, numbers, musicians and actors. Worse yet, the other parent knows these details about the children and uses this knowledge to cast herself as the more dedicated parent.

Conduct an interview with the kids to learn about their preferences. Compare everybody’s “favorites” in the household. You may never have to disclose your child’s favorite ice cream flavor to win custody rights, but knowing this level of detail can get you an edge when it comes time, in court, to prove your intimate connection with the child.

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