Posted August 22nd, 2016.

Categories: Criminal Defense, Domestic Violence, Family Law.

sexortion law offices of mark s guralnick

Not only is New Jersey expanding its statutes to outlaw coercive criminal misconduct, federal legislators are also apparently looking into it. The Interstate Sextortion Prevention Act has been introduced by a Congresswoman from Massachusetts to punish the “interstate coercion of sexual acts, sexual contact or sexually explicit visual depictions and for other purposes.” Under the […]

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Another Tool to Capture Child Abductors

Posted August 21st, 2016.

Categories: Criminal Defense, Family Law.

missing children law offices of mark s guralnick

Criminal prosecutors, as well as family lawyers on the civil side, use a variety of legal strategies to locate missing and abducted children and to bring them home to their legal parents. Now, the Internal Revenue Service is using tax returns to ferret out information that might provide useful clues in ongoing investigations. A new […]

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Some custody violations are a criminal offense

Posted May 23rd, 2016.

Categories: Criminal Defense, Custody Tips, Family Law.

chid custody criminal defense mark guralnick

Parents often file petitions and motions in court charging each other with disobeying the court’s custody and visitation orders. Usually, these petitions take the form of a civil contempt petition. In such contempt petitions, one parent is charging the other one with violating the custody plan, and is seeking a court order imposing sanctions on […]

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