When violence strikes, don’t give love a second chance. A restraining order will help your custody case.

Posted October 31st, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Domestic Violence, Family Law.


Long before couples get divorced or find themselves in child custody cases, they may have fights that turn violent. Domestic violence is, of course, a serious matter, and the family courts around the country are prepared to issue restraining orders and temporary custody orders to deal with violent persons and their victims. But just as […]

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Back to school before back to court: Take a class with your child and gain an advantage in your custody case.

Posted October 30th, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


An excellent way to improve your stake in a child custody case is to take a class with your child. Sign up for a cooking class with your teen. Or sign up for karate together. Enroll in a summer basketball camp – both of you – and complete the program together. Join an art club […]

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Whisper, Whisper, Not a Good Idea. Avoid discussing the other parent in the presence of the child.

Posted October 29th, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


Can you believe that Mr. Creepo wants full custody now? You won’t believe what that &$!#!! told the judge about me? Guess what that loser-ex-wife of mine is offering me in visitation time? When the heat of a child custody battle rises to the surface, parents tend to talk openly about each other. In fact, […]

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Share children’s grades and unify system of rewards and punishments

Posted October 28th, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


Do you know your child’s grades in reading, mathematics and other subjects? Does your ex-spouse know? If you’re not aware of your child’s current level of scholastic achievement, or if you’re not sharing information with another parent, you may be harming your chances for custody and/or visitation rights. Ask the mother in McCoy vs. McCoy, […]

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Eat up! Feed your kids well right before they go to visit your ex.

Posted October 27th, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


It’s not uncommon for one parent to feed the children better than the other. When custody is divided between two households, the kids tend to eat better, and more nutritionally, at one home than the other. In the best of all worlds, both parents would be healthy eaters who would pass on wholesome, low-fat, nutritional […]

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Don’t allow tattoos, piercings or blue hair on your children without the other parent’s consent

Posted October 26th, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


Has this happened in your family? Your child leaves your home on a Friday for an ordinary visit with your ex-spouse and comes back on Sunday looking like a monster. Without your knowledge or consent, your child suddenly has an enormous tattoo on her chest, or your seven-year-old son has a nose ring. Or worse […]

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Never monitor or record phone calls with the other parent

Posted October 25th, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


Tell me if this has happened in your home. The kids are with their other parent and you’re on the telephone talking to them, and you can hear in the background that the other parent is listening in, or coaching the children what to say. Bad news! Don’t let the other parent participate in your […]

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An apple a day keeps the custody judge away: How healthy eating habits for your kids will improve your custody case

Posted October 24th, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


Do you really need somebody to tell you these days not to feed your kids high calorie, high-fat foods?  I’m sure you know the highs and lows:  Keep your kids high (in fiber) and low (in fat), and give them snacks and meals that provide calcium, iron, and other important vitamins and minerals. What many […]

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You don’t want custody of your kids. What you really want is….

Posted October 23rd, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


…parenting time. Or perhaps parental access, or maybe shared parenting rights. Depending on what state you live in, you might have noticed recently that many courts have stopped using the words “custody” and “visitation.” Instead, they’re now using more neutral terms such as “parenting time” or “shared parental responsibility.” Why? For many years, the award […]

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Never miss your time with the kids….without rescheduling.

Posted October 22nd, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


Let’s face it. Things happen, and sometimes you cannot keep your scheduled visit with the kids. Or if you’re the custodial parent, sometimes an emergency requires you to give up your time with the kids for a few hours or a day. Sudden developments at work, family issues, perhaps even your own illness – all […]

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