Will My DUI Case Go to Trial in New Jersey?

Posted April 20th, 2023.

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If you get charged with a DUI in the state of New Jersey, you may go to trial. Many DUI cases do not go this far though. You have to be ready to fight this charge and take it to a trial, and a New Jersey criminal defense attorney can help you with that.

Does a DUI Case Get a Jury Trial?

No, you would actually get a trial in front of a municipal judge. They look at the evidence of your case and hear both sides’ arguments. Then they get to make their decision and decide upon the appropriate punishment.

Your first appearance in court will be at your arraignment hearing. This is where you are formally informed of your charges and allowed to put forward your plea. Then the district attorney needs time to prepare for the case against you. They will notify you when you need to be ready for your trial.

What Should I Not Do After Being Charged With a DUI?

You need to focus on protecting yourself and exercising your legal rights if you want to win your DUI case. This is why there are some things that you should never do after being charged, including:

Talking to the police: There is no reason for you to say more than is necessary to the police. You have your right to remain silent and it is a good idea to use it.

Accepting any plea bargain: You might be offered a plea with a seemingly light punishment, but do not act rashly. You should talk to a DUI lawyer before accepting any penalties.

Why Do Many DUI Cases Settle?

Many DUI cases do not go to court because of the severe punishments for the charge. Even a first-time charge can carry penalties like:

  • Fines of up to $400
  • Jail time
  • The loss of your license
  • The mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device

If this is not your first DUI charge, the punishments can be even harsher. There are also other consequences to worry about aside from the legal ones. A DUI charge can also harm your reputation. That can derail your career, hurt your business, or affect your personal relationships.

That is why you need to be ready to fight these charges and take your DUI case to trial if necessary. A New Jersey DUI lawyer can help.

Fighting These Charges with the Help of an Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

Your lawyer will investigate and take the unique facts of your case into account to develop the best possible defense against these charges. We can defend you by asserting that:

  • The stop was unlawful
  • The breathalyzer was poorly calibrated and inaccurate
  • The chemical or field tests were carried out improperly

If we can get the evidence against you thrown out, we can help you beat these charges. So contact the Law Offices of Mark S. Guralnick today and get ready to defend yourself at your DUI trial.

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