What to Know When Divorcing a Gambling Addict

Posted August 11th, 2023.

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Every divorce has its own complications, but divorcing a gambling addict can come with some unique challenges. Whether you are concerned about your assets or you want to be sure that your own credit has not been ruined by your spouse’s activities, this can be a stressful experience. You should have an experienced attorney on your side, someone who can advocate for you and answer your questions. You should talk to family lawyer Mark S. Guralnick today.

What Are Some Signs of Gambling Addiction?

Your spouse may show a few signs of gambling addiction. Common issues include:

  • Your spouse’s preoccupation with gambling eclipses interest in any other hobbies or activities
  • They need to gamble more and more money
  • They seem to use gambling as a coping mechanism
  • Their habit interferes with important personal or professional relationships
  • Your spouse will steal or lie to get more money to gamble
  • You have noticed money or other assets disappearing

All of these are signs of a deeper issue, and if your spouse will not get help divorce may be the only way that you can protect yourself and your family.

Do I Have to Worry About Paying My Spouse’s Gambling Debts?

Marital assets get divided up, but so do marital debts. This causes some people to worry that they will be on the hook for their ex-spouse’s gambling debts once they get divorced. This is usually not the case though. Your lawyer should be able to help you convince the court that you had nothing to do with these debts and that your spouse should be the one to pay them back.

Can My Spouse’s Gambling Affect How Property is Divided?

When marital property is divided in a New Jersey divorce, the goal is equitable distribution. However, when one spouse is seen as wasteful or irresponsible with marital assets, that could end up affecting how the property gets divided up. You could end up getting awarded a larger share of the marital property as a result of your spouse’s actions. Your lawyer will help you fight for the best possible outcome.

Do I Need to Check My Credit?

Unfortunately, your spouse may have also dragged your credit score into their mess. If they have easy access to documents like your social security card, it is possible that they have taken out loans or lines of credit in your name. Now is a good time to request a credit report and look for any anomalies. If there are debts that you do not recognize, you have to speak to the credit reporting bureaus.

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