What Should I Do if My Attorney Ignores Work on My Case?

Posted September 14th, 2022.

Categories: Legal Malpractice.

Far too often, an incidence occurs where an attorney may fail to commit the proper time and effort toward winning a case for their client. What’s worse is that sometimes an attorney may ignore work on the case altogether. If you believe that your attorney has failed to make progress on your case, follow along to see how a proficient New Jersey legal malpractice attorney at The Law Offices of Mark S. Guralnick can help you secure the financial compensation that you rightfully deserve.

How do I know if my attorney ignores work on my case?

You may have an inkling that your attorney is ignoring your case if you cannot get in contact with them via phone or email. This is wrongful behavior, as an attorney has a legal obligation to keep you, as their client, informed and updated with any updates regarding your case.

That said, if you believe that your attorney has neglected to notify you that they have stopped working on your case altogether, you should take the following approach:

  1. Call your attorney’s office: request to speak to a receptionist, paralegal, or even another attorney in the office that may be able to help you get in contact with your attorney or deliver your message on your behalf.
  2. Send a letter: if calls and emails fail, mail a written letter to your attorney. Your letter should explain that you have made a significant effort to contact them and that you would like a response back. Importantly, you should send the letter certified, with a return receipt requested, to ensure that your attorney received it.
  3. Keep track of your efforts to communicate: for calls, take note of the time, date, and who you spoke to. For emails and letters, save copies.

Can I file a legal malpractice claim if my attorney ignores work on my case?

Firstly, you should not jump to conclusions. Rather, you should know beyond a reasonable doubt that your attorney has ignored work on your case altogether. This is important to confirm because poor communication alone is not a valid ground for a legal malpractice claim.

Once you believe that you have a solid case on your hands, you must ensure that you can prove the following:

  • You must prove that your attorney owed you a fiduciary duty as their client.
  • You must prove that they breached this duty of care by negligently stopping work on your case.
  • You must prove that this breach of care resulted in you losing out on achieving a successful case and thus on recovering your damages.
  • You must prove that none of the above would have occurred if you had hired a reasonable attorney.

For assistance with executing this, contact one of our talented attorneys at our legal malpractice law firm located in Cherry Hill today.

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