What Do I Do if My Spouse Makes False Allegations Against Me in Divorce Proceedings?

Posted January 3rd, 2024.

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Divorce litigation takes an emotional toll, whether in the best or worst circumstances. In the best circumstances, you and your former spouse may come to an amicable agreement about the terms of the separation agreement. But even so, divorce still involves significant upheaval in our lives. Just because a divorce is amicable, doesn’t mean it’s stress-free. Divorce in the worst circumstances, however, can feel like a nightmare become reality. If you have to start fielding false allegations from your ex, the amount of stress you feel may multiply by several orders, and understandably so. Keep reading to learn how a New Jersey family law attorney can help defend you against false allegations from your former spouse.

What Kind of False Allegations Should I Prepare For?

It is possible, though not certain, that your former spouse started making false allegations against thinking that it would convince the judge to decide matters like custody or spousal support in their favor. Such a tactic is not recommended at all, because beyond being very unethical, it is also unlikely to work. If your spouse is caught in the lie, this will serve as strong proof of a lack of good faith and good character on their part, which in turn may convince the judge to rule in your favor, not theirs. And that is to say nothing of a possible perjury charge.

The following are some examples of false allegations your former spouse may make against you if they do decide to take this dishonest course:

  • Your ex might falsely accuse you of adultery.
  • Your ex might falsely accuse you of being an unfit parent.
  • Your ex might falsely allege that you committed domestic abuse
  • Your ex may falsely claim that you’re undervaluing assets during property division

How Do I Deal with These False Allegations?

It is the most human thing in the world to be angry and upset when you face false accusations like these. Allow yourself to feel your emotions, treat yourself with grace, but try not to let that affect your actions and words during divorce proceedings. Just as your former spouse might sabotage their own goals by making false allegations against you, you too would incur the same consequences if you lie about them.

Keep your cool as best as you can, and try these tactics for dealing with a deceitful former spouse.

  • Try to limit as much communication as you can with your former spouse, unless your attorney is present.
  • If your spouse brought witnesses who are testifying in a biased or deceitful way, ask your attorney to impeach them.
  • Make sure you give your attorney as much information as you can, so they are able to prepare for any lies your former spouse might bring up.
  • Gather evidence about any history of dishonest behavior by your spouse and share it with your attorney
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