Top 10 Work-Related Signs That Your Spouse

Posted September 15th, 2016.

Categories: Divorce, Family Law.


1. ATTENDING WORK FUNCTIONS ALONE. When your spouse begins attending work-related conferences and social events alone, in contrast to prior practice. Or when he or she tries to discourage you from attending.
2. UNDISCLOSED VACATION DAY. When you discover your spouse took a vacation day or personal day off of work, without telling you otherwise leading you to believe he or she was working that day.
3. WEEKEND WORK. When your spouse suddenly has assignments on weekends in a job that never previously involved weekend work. Or when he or she is required to dedicate other unusual hours to the job, after years of standard working hours.
4. REFUSING TO TAKE CALLS. When your spouse refuses to take your calls at work, becomes frequently “unavailable” or suddenly discourages you from making those calls.
5. FAILURE TO RESPOND TO MESSAGES. When your spouse ignores your messages completely, or responds very slowly to calls, text messages or emails which you send him at work.
6. UNUSUAL UPTICK IN BUSINESS TRIPS. When your spouse suddenly has an unusual and inexplicable increase in the number of business trips he or she is taking.
7. PATTERN OF DISSOCIATION. When your spouse suddenly declines to have you around at any business gathering, or in any place where business associates may be assembling. For example, declining to ask you to join an after-work “happy hour”or declining to ask you to drive him to the airport where associates are gathering to leave for a business trip.
8. ANGRY ABOUT SURPRISE VISITS. When your spouse is irked about unannounced visits to his office, such as popping in to have lunch without calling first.
9. ATTITUDE CHANGE WHEN DISCUSSING CO-WORKERS. When your spouse responds in an usually fashion when asked about or referring to a particular co-worker, either by saying too much about the person, or ignoring the person altogether, or by any other strange or bizarre reaction to the person’s name.
10. SUDDEN INTEREST IN WORK. When your spouse unexpectedly becomes excited about work or a work-related project, striving to arrive on time or to dress nicer, after a history of disliking the job and feeling apathetic about the work.

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