Top 10 “Sexual Signs” That Your Spouse May Be Cheating

Posted August 24th, 2016.

Categories: Divorce, Family Law.

cheating spouse law offices of mark s guranlick

1. SEX NOT NECESSARY. When your spouse seems ambivalent about rejection. In the past, he may have insisted on sex, but now he’s less interested or quick to cave in when you’re not in the mood.

2. NO LONGER IN THE MOOD. When your spouse begins to continuously lack interest in sex, and has poor excuses for his or her continuous disinterest.

3. INTIMATE TOUCHING HAS STOPPED. When your spouse has stopped giving you those little rubs, pats, caresses, and other intimate touches that existed in the past. Small displays of physical touching, or affectional, personal, or even silly acts of tickling, once terminated, may be signs of trouble.

4. NEW EROTIC MOVES. When your spouse suddenly becomes aggressive, creative or kinky in the bedroom. Of course, not every attempt to “revitalize” the bedroom means somebody’s cheating, but in some cases, it could mean the aggressor-spouse is getting trained by a paramour.

5A. NEW GROOMING, DRESSING HABITS. When your spouse suddenly deviates from his personal hygienic, grooming and dressing styles—for example, body waxing, new hair styles, wearing colognes, changing wardrobes, body makeovers.

5B. NEW UNDERWEAR. Buying new sexy, slinky, kinky or simply well-fitting underwear could be a sign of a spouse having an affair, or getting ready to have one.

6. BIRTH CONTROL EVIDENCE. When you find condoms and you are on the pill, or you find birth control pills, and you’ve had a vasectomy.

7. UNEXPLAINED INJURIES. When your spouse has unexplained scratches, cuts, or bruises on her neck or back, or reports or demonstrates any soreness or other symptoms in any intimate areas.

8. SWIFT SHOWERING HABITS. When your spouse heads into the shower or bath quickly after entering the home (as if to wash off a smell), particularly if this habit is different than in the past.

9. EXTERNAL SIGNS OF AFFECTION. When your spouse stops buying you flowers or cooking your dinner, it may indicate that he or she is showing these outward signs of affection to other partners.

10. IMPERMISSIBLE SOCIAL MEDIA ETIQUETTE. When your spouse visits inappropriate chat rooms, posts inappropriate messages, or makes sexually provocative statements on social media sites that he or she regards as acceptable

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