Top 10 Cell Phone Signs of a Cheating Spouse

Posted August 25th, 2016.

Categories: Divorce, Family Law.

cell phone use cheating spouse law offices of mark s guralnick

1. SECRET CELL PHONE PURCHASE. When your spouse buys a new cell phone unnecessarily or without telling you about it.

2. SUDDENLY HIGHLY POSSESSIVE. When your spouse becomes suddenly highly possessive of his or her phone and won’t let anybody else use it, touch it, hold it or answer it. When they seem very much in a rush to answer it before anybody else gets to it.

3. NEW DELETION HABITS. When your spouse suddenly begins deleting voicemails immediately instead of allowing them to accumulate as usual; when he or she deletes contact names from phone numbers or removes caller IDs from the phone.

4. UNKNOWN SENDERS. When your spouse suddenly begins receiving a flurry of messages from people you’ve never heard of, such as “Bill the IT Guy,” when he never communicated with a “Bill” or an “IT Guy” in the past. Cheaters frequently give their paramours a fake name for emailing and texting purposes.

5. TAKING CALLS IN PRIVATE. When your spouse always walks away as soon as he begins making or taking a call.

6. GETTING A SECOND NUMBER. When your spouse has a second phone number (a second SIM card), particularly if this information was not shared with you promptly.

7. CELL PHONE BILL RE-ROUTED. When your spouse sets up a new cell phone account and has it billed to his or her office, or has the existing account re-routed to a new email address for online payment only so that only he or she can access it.

8. CODED MESSAGES. When your spouse begins receiving text messages “in code” such as “090316.515”

9. PURCHASING iMESSAGING APPS. When your spouse buys SnapChat, Gliph, or other specialty apps that allow users to send iMessages anonymously or to transmit messages that disappear after they’re received and read by the other party, without leaving a trail.

10. TURNS OFF OR DISABLES PHONE. When your spouse turns off his phone or disables it whenever he’s inaccessible (such as while taking a shower or sleeping) so that there is no chance that you can get to it.

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