Top 10 Automobile-Related Signs That Your Spouse is Cheating

Posted August 27th, 2016.

Categories: Divorce, Family Law.

autmobile signs of a cheating spouse attorney mark guralnick

1. NEEDING GAS MORE OFTEN. The primary driver of the vehicle seems to be pumping gas much more often than usual because he or she is running out of gas (or consuming gas) much faster.

2. ODOMETER HAS JUMPED FORWARD. The amount of mileage on the car has suddenly increased significantly in a short period of time, or the increases from day to day, or from week to week are more much significant than one would expect, given the travel that your spouse is supposed to be making to and from work and other predictable places.

3. PASSENGER SEAT OUT OF POSITION. The passenger seat has been re-adjusted to another position with no plausible or credible explanation.

4. GPS SHOWS UNKNOWN DESTINATIONS. When the history on the GPS device in the vehicle shows unfamiliar residential destinations, or restaurants or other public facilities (or worse yet, reveals searches for flower shops, candy stores, jewelers or gift shops).

5. CHANGING DRIVE TIMES. When your spouse leaves for work or returns from work at different times, or in patterns that are inconsistent with his or her prior departure and arrival times on various days of the week.

6. CHILD SEAT MOVED. When a child seat, or children’s toys, have been moved, re-arranged, or removed from the vehicle, without any plausible or credible explanation.

7. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE IN CAR. Any unexplained document, receipt, grooming, cosmetic, sexual or contraceptive item may be incriminating evidence, such as a condom, a hairbrush, lipstick, a phone number scratched on a slip of paper, a receipt from a restaurant. Hair samples left behind can also spell trouble.

8. CHANGE OF CLOTHING. When your spouse leaves a change of clothing in the car, or you discover duplicate combs, toothpaste or other grooming items in the glovebox.

9. DISAPPEARING ACT. When your spouse takes the car “for a spin” for no particular reason, or runs errands without explanation; or when he or she takes the car to the bank, the supermarket, the post office or other destinations, but fails to return for several hours, without explanation (or without groceries, as the case may be).

10. STAINS, DAMAGE, DEVIATIONS. When you detect damage to your vehicle, no matter how small, such as stains on the upholstery; scuff marks; scratches, and other deviations, particularly occurring on the passenger side or in the back seat.

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