Suing NJ Attorneys For Negligent Strategies

Posted July 10th, 2020.

Categories: Legal Malpractice.

If you are someone who turned to an attorney to help you with any given legal matter and that attorney pursued a negligent strategy and lost your case, there is a very good chance that you may have grounds to sue that attorney for legal malpractice. Our New Jersey legal malpractice attorney has been helping those who have retained negligent legal counsel for years, and he is ready to do the same for you. Please continue reading and give us a call to learn more about what constitutes a negligent strategy and how our firm can help you if you believe your attorney lost your case because of one. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What constitutes a negligent attorney strategy?

First, you should understand that an attorney simply not winning your case does not necessarily qualify for legal malpractice, not dissimilar to when a doctor’s course of treatment does not go as planned. However, if you believe that your attorney took up a strategy that was clearly negligent, such as being too aggressive, not persistent enough, misguided, or simply unethical) you may very well have grounds for a legal malpractice lawsuit.

However, winning legal malpractice lawsuits is seldom easy, which is why you must ensure you hire an attorney who is capable of righting your previous attorney’s wrongs. Our firm has helped countless individuals through the years, and we know we have what it takes to do the same for you. We will work to prove that a reasonable attorney would not have made the same mistake as your previous attorney, that your previous attorney breached his or her duty of care, and that had he or she not done so, you would have won your case.

Examples of Negligent Strategies

Some of the most common types of negligent attorney strategies that our firm sees are as follows:

  • Not fighting pre-trial motions, or inadequately doing so
  • Not filing the proper cross-motions
  • Failing to consider potential insurance implications
  • Not using a workable theme in the trial
  • Delaying work on a case because he or she assumed that the settlement offer will improve as time goes on
  • Failing to select and prepare witnesses for trial
  • Not considering the potential tax consequences of a lawsuit

Give us a call today if you have any further questions or if you believe you are a victim of legal malpractice.

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