Don’t lay a guilt trip on your kids

Posted June 27th, 2016.

Categories: Custody Tips, Family Law.

guilt trip mark guralnick

There is a tendency among angry parents to make their children feel guilty for spending time with the other parent. The acrimony of a courtroom battle, the distress of dealing with an uncooperative parent and the anxiety, resentment and distrust following a separation or divorce can push a parent to super-impose her feelings onto the children.

Not a good idea.

A parent should not lay a guilt trip on a child simply because the child wants to visit the other parent. Nor should the parent turn away the child when the child speaks happily about something he did at the other parent’s home or in the other parent’s company.

Kids may grow up to resent the way their parents make them feel guilty. They may suppress information, hide their happiness and stop sharing the good times they had with the other parent. Ultimately, children may choose to live with the parent who makes them feel most at ease.

If you’ve experienced such situations in the course of a divorce or child custody fight, please share your stories with me.

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