Click on the website for your children’s school. Collect program data and other valuable information for your custody case.

Posted June 6th, 2016.

Categories: Custody Tips, Family Law.

school website mark guralnick

Nothing makes a parent shine in family court more than a detailed knowledge of his/her child’s schools and their academic programs. For this reason, it is important to click on the websites for your children’s school district as well as the individual schools your kids are attending.

School websites are a fertile source of valuable information. They often provide the full names of school administrators and teachers, a breakdown of the school curriculum, school lunch menus, an online library catalogue, and a calendar of school events (such as plays, concerts and sporting events). Websites often describe and promote the school’s drug and alcohol prevention programs, their anti-bullying programs, and other school health and safety programs. Daily announcement are often posted on the website, as well as the school’s ranking in standardized achievement tests.

In family court, the parent with the best knowledge of the children’s school experience often impresses the court as being more closely connected to the child’s daily life.

Let me know if you’ve put your knowledge and experience about the schools to work for you in a family court proceeding.

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