Car Accidents

What kind of background or experience should your lawyer have in order to represent you in a car accident injury case?

Car Accidents Lawyer

Should he or she be knowledgeable about insurance coverage?

Should your lawyer be experienced with forensic investigations and accident reconstruction?

Should he have training in human behavior?

Should your lawyer have experience in negotiating and mediating settlements? Or should he or she be skilled in the courtroom – handling arbitrations, motions, jury trials?

Car accident lawyer Mark S. Guralnick is trained and experienced in all of these areas. He has more than 30 years of experience as a car accident lawyer. He is a licensed private detective, and a former news reporter with extensive investigative experience involving accident scenes, forensic evidence and witness testimony. He holds eight college degrees, including six master’s degrees and a doctorate. He has been board certified in mediation, and as a federal arbitrator. He is also board certified in civil trial law based on his extensive courtroom experience.

He has worked both the Plaintiff’s side and the Defendant’s side, addressing complex insurance issues from all angles and all positions. Before going into private practice, Mark S. Guralnick worked as general counsel for National Freight, Inc., where he taught interstate truck drivers about roadway safety and handled major accident claims throughout the country.

Accidents result from an unexpected change in a vehicle’s linear or angular velocity, combined with variables in human perception and human reaction time. Car accident lawyer Mark S. Guralnick combines his many experiences and background specialties to identify the root causes of every accident, and to ferret out all of the damages available to accident victims.

The Law Offices of Mark S. Guralnick investigates every car accident case to determine ALL POSSIBLE vehicular and human causes of the accident.

The Top 75 Reasons Why Accidents Occur

  1. Brake failure
  2. Tire blowouts and mishaps due to uneven, worn or improperly inflated tires.
  3. Steering and suspension system failures
  4. Other equipment failures
  5. Intersection design hazards
  6. Merging lane hazards
  7. School zone hazards
  8. Curves, bends, crests and other curvature issues
  9. Pedestrian crossing defects
  10. Livestock crossing defects
  11. Road construction issues
  12. Disabled or improperly parked vehicles
  13. Deer and other wild animals
  14. Traffic jams, including stop-and-go traffic patterns.
  15. Hazard visibility problems
  16. Disobedience of traffic signals
  17. Traffic signal malfunctions.
  18. Violation of speed limits.
  19. Misplacement or poor maintenance of speed limit signs.
  20. Failure to obey yield signs.
  21. Failure to obey stop signs.
  22. Misplacement of poor maintenance of yield signs and stop signs.
  23. Turning lane issues
  24. Mis-designed traffic circles and roundabouts.
  25. Failure to yield at traffic circles.
  26. Police surveillance cameras.
  27. Violations and problems with other traffic control devices
  28. Grooved pavements defects.
  29. Violations and problems with dotted and double lines.
  30. Placement and maintenance of reflective stakes and barriers
  31. Misleading junctions between roadway ending and shoulders
  32. Speed bump defects.
  33. Problems with raised medians, pedestrian islands and other separators.
  34. Defective and non-crash-resistant guard rails or concrete barriers.
  35. Other behavioral control devices
  36. Traffic flow problems
  37. Intersectional defects
  38. Deadly curves
  39. Inclement weather conditions (fog, snow, ice, rain)
  40. Roadway debris
  41. Faded road signs
  42. Signs concealed by foliage
  43. Potholes causing tire and suspension failures
  44. Potholes causing diversionary tactics
  45. Highway and local road construction activities
  46. Failure to salt roads / poor salting/sanding
  47. Other roadway maintenance deficiencies
  48. Distracted drivers (cell phones/inattention)
  49. Act of God events
  50. Speeding, careless and reckless driving
  51. Aggressive tailgating
  52. Other aggressive driving and road-rage misconduct
  53. Unsafe lane changes
  54. Failure to signal
  55. Disregard of traffic signals
  56. Drunk driving
  57. Drowsy driving
  58. Other impaired driving
  59. Street racing
  60. High winds
  61. Loose objects in cars
  62. Police chases
  63. Headlight glare
  64. Sunlight glare
  65. Misjudgment of gap and velocity of other vehicle
  66. Interior car distraction
  67. Stopping in traffic
  68. Backing up errors
  69. Unlawful U-turning
  70. Accelerating in traffic lane
  71. False assumptions about other driver’s actions
  72. Heart attack or other physical impairment
  73. Falling and flying objects
  74. Hydroplaning
  75. Night blindness

Car Accident Lawyer

After a car accident occurs, it is important to act promptly to obtain legal advice.

Depending on where the accident occurred, there are time-sensitive statutes of limitations and tort claim laws.

Do not engage in settlement discussions on your own with an insurance company –insurance companies notoriously attempt to talk people into low settlements in exchange for giving up their legal rights to bring a legal claim in the future.

If you’ve been involved in any kind of car accident, please contact the Law Offices of Mark S. Guralnick.

Our cases are handled on a contingency fee basis so that you do not pay any money to us unless we successfully settle your case or win a judgment for you. All consultations with our car accident lawyer are free.

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