Fathers Fight to Be Seen as ‘Equal’ Parents – Interview with Mark Guralnick – WHDT World News

Interview with Mark Guralnick - WHDT World News

WHDT World News interviews Mark Guralnick about fathers fighting to be seen as “equal” parents.

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Gray divorces: Divorce rate for people over 50 has doubled – ABC7 Sarasota

Gray divorces: Divorce rate for people over 50 has doubled

While the golden years are supposed to be filled with the joys of retirement and beach getaways, some older married couples are spending more of their time in divorce court.

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Art of Aging: Gray Divorce – 6ABC Philadelphia

Art of Aging: Gray Divorce

Divorce is never easy for any couple, but it becomes more complicated among older adults who have been together for decades. It has been dubbed gray divorce because of the record rate at which older couples are now calling it quits. Family and divorce lawyer Mark Guralnick says the gray divorce trend can be particularly tricky as many older couples have been together 30 to 40 years.

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Local Father Refused to Give Up on Son – Fox29 Philadelphia

Local Father Refused to Give Up on Son

Time again we’ve seen the early morning raids, dead beat dads hauled off in handcuffs forced to be accountable to their kids. What we rarely see though are the good dads in court struggling and fighting for the chance to be with their children. FOX 29’s Joyce Evans has the story of a local dad who refused to give up on his little boy.

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