What Questions Should I Ask My Legal Malpractice Attorney?

Posted October 5th, 2022.

Categories: Legal Malpractice.

If you need to recover damages from your attorney’s negligence, then it is vital that you take action in filing a legal malpractice claim. However, after being hurt by your negligent attorney, you may be hesitant in entering the legal space again. What’s more, you may be hesitant in trusting an attorney to represent you again. This is understandable. But rest assured, there are ways in which you can determine which attorney is the best fit for you. Follow along to learn what questions to ask during the hiring process and how a proficient New Jersey legal malpractice attorney at The Law Offices of Mark S. Guralnick can step in to represent you.

What should I look for in a legal malpractice attorney?

When hiring a legal malpractice attorney, understandably so, you are likely going to proceed with more caution than you did with your previous experience. That said, the first thing you should look for is an attorney who focuses on legal malpractice law. This is because legal malpractice cases require a specific set of skills, such as knowledge of laws pertaining to tort claims, liens, etc. Luckily, at The Law Offices of Mark S. Guralnick, we have a team of talented attorneys who have over 30 years of experience in legal malpractice law.

Secondly, you should do your research on the legal malpractice attorney or law firm beforehand. One way to do this is by looking at the attorney’s or law firm’s Google rating, as this can be a sincere testament to their abilities and past successes. Notably, The Law Offices of Mark S. Guralnick has a nearly 5-star rating on Google.

What are some basic questions I should ask my legal malpractice attorney?

In addition to the tips listed above, you should look out for how well the legal malpractice attorney can answer the basic questions you have concerning your case. Their answers should give you a fairly decent idea of how knowledgeable they are in legal malpractice law and how fitting they are to take on your case. But just as important is how comfortable you feel in your conversation with them. Below are some basic questions you should ask your legal malpractice attorney:

  • What process should I expect for my legal malpractice claim?
  • What laws are relevant defenses in my claim?
  • What evidence do I need to prepare for my claim?
  • What is the statute of limitations for filing my claim?
  • What are the pre-trial deadlines?
  • How much money should I expect for my damages and payoff amounts?

One of our experienced attorneys at our legal malpractice law firm located in Cherry Hill can easily answer these questions for you. Nevertheless, give us a call today.

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