What Happens if My Attorney Loses My File?

Posted July 1st, 2020.

Categories: Legal Malpractice.

If you are someone who has recently gone to an attorney in your time of need, hoping he or she can help you through your pressing legal matter, whether it be an injury claim, family law proceedings, or otherwise, and you received an outcome that was not only negative, but you believe it could have been prevented, you are most likely at a loss for what to do going forward. That is why legal malpractice attorneys exist. We exist to hold negligent and careless attorneys accountable for the harm they cause their clients who initially trusted them.

One of the most inexcusable, yet surprisingly not uncommon mistakes that attorneys all across the country make is simply losing evidence or a client’s file. This happens fairly commonly, unfortunately, and such a simple, yet foolish mistake can cost a client their case. If this has happened to you, you most likely understand this. If your attorney has lost critical evidence and caused you to lose your case, you are most likely furious and are seeking to hold that attorney accountable. Fortunately, we can help you.

How do attorneys lose files?

Generally speaking, attorneys most frequently lose clients’ files or evidence due to miscommunication or disorganization, two qualities that attorneys should absolutely not have. You see, when an attorney takes on a client, it is his or her job to keep that client in the loop at all times, and when he or she failed to regularly notify the client of updates and otherwise communicate with the client, there is a very good chance that the attorney is not examining that client’s file on a regular basis, which increases the chances that the attorney will end up losing that file/evidence. This can also happen when attorneys to not keep in touch with the court about clients’ cases as well. As bizarre as it sounds, it happens, and if it has happened to you, you need an attorney that can hold your first lawyer accountable.

Our firm prevents this from happening by keeping clients in the loop every single time an update happens to their case. We also meticulously store and maintain records on paper and in digital format, so even if we lose one file (which we won’t), we will have a backup ready to go. Our firm is here to ensure you receive the compensation you need and that your initial attorney is brought to justice. Give us a call today.

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