Top 10 Verbal Signs That Your Spouse is Cheating

Posted September 12th, 2016.

Categories: Divorce, Family Law.


1. VOCABULARY CHANGES. If your husband or wife suddenly starts using different words, slang expressions or adopting an unusual manner of speech with no other plausible explanation.

2. PET NAMES. If your spouse suddenly starts calling you by pet names he or she has never used before.

3. HYPOTHETICAL QUESTIONS. When your spouse begins to pose strange hypothetical questions out of the blue, such as: “Do you think married couples should ever take separate vacations?”

4. DREDGING UP PAST. When your spouse begins digging up events from your past and casting blame for a failed relationship.

5. SUDDENLY JEALOUS. When your spouse becomes verbally resentful or envious of relationships which you have with your friends and co-workers, suggesting improper or dishonest conduct on your part.

6. NAME SLIP-UP. If your husband or wife accidentally speaks another person’s name in his or her sleep, or inadvertently slips a name into conversation, it may be a tell-tale sign of misconduct.

7. CURSING OR YELLING. Any sudden increase in cursing or yelling could be a sign of cheater’s stress or distress, or a reflection of nervous energy being relieved.

8. DEFENSE OF CHEATERS. When your spouse unexpectedly defends other cheaters, such as taking the side of unfaithful spouses while watching television programs or in reacting to news of a friend’s recent breakup.

9. SUDDENLY VOCAL ON RELIGION AND POLITICS. When your spouse has suddenly changed his or her position on God, abortion, religion, politics or other major cultural or social issues, or when he or she has become suddenly vocal about any of these issues after having never voiced an opinion in the past.

10. MOCKING AND ACCUSATORY TACTICS. When your spouse begins covering up his or her misdeeds by mistreating you verbally, mocking you, accusing you of misbehavior, and otherwise criticizing you.

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