Top 10 “Physical Evidence” That Your Spouse is Cheating

Posted August 26th, 2016.

Categories: Divorce, Family Law.

physical evidence cheating spouse law offices of mark guralnick

1. CREDIT CARD RECEIPTS. Perhaps the most notorious evidence are credit card statements and receipts revealing dinners, taxis, travel, flowers, gifts, or purchases that did not involve the other spouse.

2. BANK STATEMENTS. Monthly statements from banks provide detailed accounting of purchases on bank-issued debit and credit cards. Unusual withdrawals or changes in bank balances may also point to suspicious activity.

3. ATM WITHDRAWAL SLIPS. Cash withdrawals made at automatic teller machines will be date-and-time stamped, revealing the bank name and location. This may help to pinpoint where a spouse was at a particular point in time and raise questions about why (or how much money) he/she was spending at that time.

4. PHONE BILLS. Most spouses share access to the same phone account and can jointly access the same phone bills. Statements of account not only reveal the cost for phone service, but may also provide a breakdown of all of the numbers dialed, or calls received; the time and duration of the calls; and the frequency of calls from the same number.

5. HAIR & LIPSTICK. Needless to say, any foreign body matter such as hair, and any cosmetic embellishments, such as lipstick, which do not belong to you, should immediately raise a red flag. The same goes for unusual cologne or perfume smells, and unusual secretions on underwear.

6. RENDEZVOUS EVIDENCE. Paper evidence of meetings between your spouse and her paramour are often left behind by accident in wastepaper baskets, filing cabinets, handbags, notepads, and other places around the house or the office. Even after people read emails and text messages, they often scribble a name, a phone number, or a meeting place on a post-it note, or a notepad, on a file page, or elsewhere. Sometimes, they crumble a reminder note and toss it in a nearby trashcan, but fail to throw out the trash.

7. JEWELRY, HAIRBANDS, ETC. In the most obvious cheating cases, a woman leaves behind her earrings, or her hairbands. Yet any kind of jewelry or accessories that are commonly detached during an affair could immediately incriminate the cheating spouse.

8. INCOME TAX RETURNS. Unexplained travel expense or business expense deductions reported on state or federal income tax returns may disclose the presence of an extra-marital affair.

9. PRESCRIPTION RECORDS. Health insurance records show that your spouse has made an unexpected prescription or unusual change to, or renewal of, a prescription for Viagra or similar such drugs, or for birth control pills or devices.

10. SUSPECT PURCHASES. When the grocery bill reveals that your spouse has purchased a duplicate toothbrush or miniature portable-sized toothpaste and other grooming supplies without any evidence that they are being used in your home or for immediate travel purposes, they may suggest inappropriate activity.

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