Top 10 Household Signs That Your Spouse is Cheating

Posted September 12th, 2016.

Categories: Divorce, Family Law.


1. INTEREST IN LAUNDRY. When your spouse suddenly wants to do his own laundry, or wants to help you with the laundry (after never having done so in the past).

2. SUDDENLY POSSESSIVE. When your spouse is suddenly protective and possessive of his or her personal belongings and becomes irritated if you touch them.

3. UNUSUAL PURCHASES. When your spouse orders items for the house, or to the house, which are inconsistent with prior practice.

4. OBSESSIVE GROOMING. When your spouse spends an inordinate amount of time in front of the mirror, fretting over hair, skin, teeth, etc. When your spouse changes his or her showering habits.

5. SEPARATE SPACE. When your spouse suddenly needs a separate space, or a new space in the home to “do his thing” or to “do her thing,” or when he or she talks of needing more privacy or “me time.”

6. DISTRACTED WITH CHILDREN. When your spouse starts missing play dates with the children or otherwise distracted in his commitments with the children; when he or she appears to be less committed to routine obligations involving the livelihood of the children in the home.

7. REPAIRS AND MAINTENANCE. When routine household maintenance, repairs and upkeep begin to fall behind and lapse for no apparent reason, attributable to a change in work flow, illness or other credible explanations.

8. HOUSEHOLD ROUTINES. When at-home routines shift inexplicably, such as regular TV time or relaxation time, or when meal times start beginning later or ending quicker (all potentially signaling a breakdown in one-on-one communications).

9. FOOD CHANGES. Your spouse stops packing a lunch to work. Your spouse suddenly breaks a routine and begins trying out new recipes with no explanation. Food seems to have been consumed or replaced faster than usual, or dishes seem to have been cleaned and re-stocked faster than usual.

10. TOO BUSY TO INTERACT. When your spouse is too busy cleaning the household, making repairs, caring for the children, or tending to some other ongoing “emergency” or continuing project to interact with you on personal level, avoiding intimate interaction.

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