Top 10 “Behavioral Signs That Your Spouse May be Cheating

Posted August 23rd, 2016.

Categories: Divorce, Family Law.

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1. ENCOURAGING YOU TO TAKE TRIPS. When your spouse actively or openly accepts your desire to take trips without him, or seems to encourage you to travel alone or with others in order to leave him alone, or in an empty house.

2. EASILY PRONE TO ARGUMENTS. When your spouse starts arguing over seemingly innocuous events; when he or she storms out of the room or turns a cold shoulder toward you, over a relatively minor matter.

3. NEW INTEREST IN EXERCISE. When your spouse is suddenly obsessed with the gym, or suddenly starts working out, attending kick-boxing, or other fitness programs after a lifetime of being a couch potato.

4. STRANGE SCHEDULE QUESTIONS. When your spouse asks you to confirm your schedule on particular date or times, such as, “Did you say you’re working next Friday?”

5. FRIENDS AND CO-WORKER REACTIONS. When others begin to act weird in your presence, it may be a sign that they know that your spouse is having an affair. Mutual friends and co-workers are often uneasy when placed in the position of maintaining confidences about marital infidelity. Similarly, if you stop hearing from your spouse’s family as often as in the past, it may be a signal that something’s wrong.

6. JEWELRY MISTAKES. When your spouse turns up without his wedding ring or the engraved anniversary bracelet or locket she always wears.

7. SUDDENLY ARTSY. When your spouse adopts a sudden new interest in a different kind of music, or begins talking about art museums, galleries or other cultural events that were never of interest to her in the past.

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