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Posted August 27th, 2016.

Categories: Custody Tips, Family Law.

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Judges in Family Court prefer parents who demonstrate a history of stability — not just in their thinking and speaking, but in their actions over time. As such, you can improve your position in a child custody case by preparing to prove your stability. (Conversely, you may score points by proving the other parent’s instability).

What does stability mean? It means proving that you have lived in one place for a long time. It means proving that you have worked for the same employer, or in the same career, for a long time. It means showing that you have consistently attended the same churches, participated in the same recreational activities, joined the same clubs and maintained the same friendships over the course of years.

When a party displays a stable pattern of living and working, and when his or her speech and demeanor reflect stability and balance, the court is likely to be favorably impressed. By contrast, when a party is constantly changing home addresses, quitting or being fired from jobs, changing family doctors and dentists, and other failing to established roots in the community, the court is likely to see him or her as an unlikely candidate for primary custody of minor children.

Come to court prepared with the evidence — the evidence of your stability and the other parent’s instability. Show the Family Court judge that your stable environment is most likely to provide the children with a safe, predictable, wholesome lifestyle with little risk of disruption.

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