Is it Legal Malpractice if My Lawyer Stops Working on My Case?

Posted March 16th, 2021.

Categories: Legal Malpractice.

Attorneys are legally obligated to put their best foot forward with each of their clients–it is their job to always work in their clients’ best interests. When they fail to do so, it may be considered an act of legal malpractice. One relatively common form of legal malpractice is when an attorney simply stops working on a client’s case. Though this may seem unthinkable, the truth is, it happens, and if your attorney recently stopped working on your case and began ignoring your calls/emails, our New Jersey legal malpractice attorney is here to help. Continue reading and contact our firm to learn more. Here are some of the questions you may have:

Is it considered legal malpractice if my attorney stopped working on my case?

If you hired an attorney to represent you in your pressing legal matter, though all of the sudden, you notice that your attorney starts ignoring your calls. Then he ignores your emails. Where is your attorney? You are most likely very worried at this point, especially if your attorney ignoring your calls and your case goes on for a long period of time. Not only is this extremely inconsiderate, but in many cases, this is, in fact, considered legal malpractice, which is why you should take action as soon as possible to help ensure that your case is effectively handled by another attorney and that your initial attorney is held accountable for his or her act of malpractice. Before hiring another attorney, however, it may be beneficial to write or fax a dated letter to your attorney, wherein you can voice your concerns and ask for a meeting regarding the future of your case. If this letter is still ignored, our firm may use it as evidence of legal malpractice.

How do I win a legal malpractice lawsuit?

To win a legal malpractice lawsuit, you will have to prove that the attorney in question owed you a fiduciary duty, and that by committing an act of negligence of malpractice, he or she breached that duty of care. From here, you must prove that the breach of care resulting in your losing your case, or receiving an unfavorable result, causing you to sustain damages. As long as you can prove that your case would have had a different outcome, had you hired a different, reasonable attorney, you should have a valid legal malpractice claim. Our firm has helped countless individuals who’ve been harmed by careless attorneys for years, and we are ready to put our experience to work for you.

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