Maintain a spreadsheet showing dates and amounts of child support paid or received

Posted November 9th, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Child Support, Custody Tips, Family Law.


Officially, a custodial parent cannot bar a non-custodial parent from enjoying joint custody or visitation rights because of his failure to pay child support. Nor can a non-custodial parent refuse to pay child support because the non-custodial parent habitually interferes with his right of visitation. Still, the amount of support paid, and the frequency and […]

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Name your children as beneficiaries on your life insurance policies.

Posted November 7th, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


When was the last time you checked the designated beneficiary on your life insurance policy? Have you named your children as beneficiaries in the event of your untimely death? Parents who separate or divorce often forget to update their life insurance policies. If this is the case, you should remove your former spouse (or other […]

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Ask Your Child to Itemize the Pros and Cons of Your Household.

Posted November 6th, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


Here’s an eye-opener: Give your kids a pencil and a piece of paper and ask them to list all of the pros and cons of living (or staying) at your house. Regardless of whether you’re the custodial parent or the non-custodial parent, kids are likely to have some opinions about your home, your yard, your […]

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Give timely notice of summer vacation schedule with the kids.

Posted November 5th, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


If you’re taking the children on a summer vacation, give the other parent early notice of your vacation plans. Provide the dates of travel, the itinerary and accurate contact information at least two months in advance. Whether you’re the custodial parent or the non-custodial parent, sharing this information on a prompt and timely basis – […]

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Avoid surprise drivers by making early introductions

Posted November 4th, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


Once two parents split up and start shuffling the children between two homes, there is always the risk that the parent responsible to pick up or return the children will have a scheduling conflict. Occasionally, it becomes necessary to have another person carry out the transportation responsibilities. But this is often the source of many […]

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Befriending your babysitter may benefit your case.

Posted November 3rd, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


Chances are, your children’s babysitter knows a few things you don’t know about the children. She may know that your daughter has a crush on a boy at school; she may know that your son got into a fight with a neighborhood bully; she may know why the kids dislike court-ordered visitations with your ex-spouse. […]

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Do you want your kids or don’t you? Speak up early and file your proposal promptly with the court.

Posted November 2nd, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Family Law.


Many states have a procedure and a deadline for stating your position with respect to custody and visitation rights. For example, under New Jersey law, a parent who wants custody or other rights to the children must file a written “Custody and Visitation Plan” within 75 days after the last pleading is filed with the […]

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Do not withdraw restraining orders when custody is at issue. (Domestic Violence and Child Custody – Part 2).

Posted November 1st, 2016.

Categories: Child Custody, Custody Tips, Domestic Violence, Family Law.


Yesterday, I blogged about the importance of securing a domestic violence protection order or restraining order if you’re a legitimate victim of domestic violence. Not just because you may need one to ensure your safety, and not just because judges often issue temporary custody orders as well. I recommended that you secure the domestic violence […]

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